The archetypes of madness.

Patient: Dead people can hear my thoughts.
Dr: Concerned.
Church: Pray to Jesus (thoughts are prayers).

Patient: I see spirits.
Dr: Worried about you.
Church: I exorcise you in the name …

Patient: I feel the presence of spirits.
Dr: Alarmed.
Church: Can you feel the presence of Jesus?

Patient: I’m into magick.
Dr: Reaches for medication.
Church: The body and blood of christ.

Patient: I have access to different dimensions.
Dr: Reaches for stronger medication.
Church: (at funerals)… And now Geoff enters heaven.

Patient: I hear voices.
Dr: Reaches for the section documents.
Church: god told me….

Patient: I’m in herbalism.
Dr: In this country decisions are made on the premise of science.
Church: The world is 6,000 years old.

Either, by societies standards, we’re all insane, or we’re choosing what sanity is based on what we religion we ascribe to.