I have studied every religious text which are always good reads in the act of shameless self promotion by the institutions that have written them. Meanwhile there's the issue of justifiable truth from Cambridge analytics. We believe what we have been told on mass. Witches evil, apparently. I know they say harm ye none but I've heard from many people that is not true...

It carries on, well everyone I know dislikes Corbyn so he must be bad...

The question is if enough people ask the same questions at the same time will it cause social change, or Corbyn voters from the disaffected youth. The battle for which is between working out injustices of the world vs celebrity gossip, love island and saying "is it", in a disty voice.

Then there's the church and the platforms we give to people. If I was offering exorcisms on behalf of my dear friend Fred the purple unicorn I would be deemed insane. However it's fine for the pope, railing against sin whilst his priesthood is still full of nonces. Who gave the church moral authority in our society anyway? Ah the church did.

I know you may believe that I just made up Fred the purple unicorn, to which I could say well it's a matter of faith (work's for the church)

I think there should be a part of the ten commandments saying "do not hurt yourself", or let other people hurt you. Could we replace the ten commandments with "be decent" and fight for justice" and stop there? I know for saying this I could go to hell to be tortured by Satan, even though if god is sending me to hell Satan is basically his employee.

I am quite possibly from a different planet. Chances of god happening? not too sure, chances the bible is right and we're the lucky planet god looks like in 1.2 trillion galaxies, not as likely. I know he did leave 10 commandments 6000 years ago and I've heard nothing from him since, maybe he's gone to far away galaxy. And no one created him so he's probably an atheist.

I know being from a different planet sounds insane but if reincarnation exists then it's possible.

It's also possible I'm really a cat who has had too much catnip and this is a really boring hallucination.

Maybe, like the trueman show out planet is one galactic joke, the rest of the galaxy viewing our TV transmissions in a show called "the humans" every Friday night and giggling at us. We're a morale boost for depressed alien lifeforms of intelligent robot pigs.

The thing that makes them laugh thr most is our film "Independence day", where we sabotage a spaceship who's technology is far beyond our comprehension with a computer virus

How can our computers, essentially big calculators communicate with technology that can travel galaxies?

For once can we have a bad ending in Hollywood films, I know the world has been saved the guy kisses the girl at the end but just once can we follow the books.

I've worked out capitalism, all we've done is put a price on everything. 50 quid, means a lot, except in hyper inflation it's worth nothing. And as a society we move around items of this arbitrary value a bit, in banks we move around notes and in Tesco we move around goods worth money. In McDonald's we move around items whilst not trying to poison the supervisor, all who seem to be without compassion or empathy.

On that note if we did take over the universe all we would do is leave a McDonald's on each moon. Height of our civilisation.

We need money in a global society. It's the only way to trade on mass, though in tribal societies our evolution is what you do for the tribe, not what credit card you have.

Money likes money, it's hard to get business without business, or joining the freemasons and doing silly handshakes whilst breaking the law repeatedly with notes to a judge. They have tried recruiting me but I'd rather believe in Fred the purple unicorn who doesn't exist (as far as my social worker is concerned).

Meanwhile we could win the lottery, which everyone loves, who could at least give some cash to the scratch card junkies.

Also we like to say we're the the developed world, because we have science and the ability to destroy the planet by global warming, nuclear weapons, deforestation and over consumption of resources, but at least we're not like those Amazonian tribes who aren't crammed into a tube every Monday morning and live in harmony with nature.

Of all the religious texts I like the Tibetan book of the dead is my favourite. We get challenges and we incarnate as we have faced them. If we come back as a gnat well I guess it's our own fault. What if we have entire lifetimes and by the end of it end in Chapter house Dune, the world turned to dust and a being taking over the universe with ourselves to save it. At this point I could say how much I love Freud's work, the writings of Jung and Plato. But then I would whilst parroting my way through university and quoting people as in the film good will hunting.

I would also like to rail against Dogma. If I told you you must wear pink socks you'd probably show me the door. If it's in a religious text though it's all ok. France has banned the burka, bit extreme if you don't want to wear it yourself but imaging the chaos of women walking around topless in the UK. It's still oppression but we're accustomed to it, as they are in Syria.

On a serious note:

I've got a Master's in Advanced computer science, for which I received a Merit including a distinction for my dissertation. I've had some good ideas on programs as well as the ability to manifest them into final viable products. I believe that hallucinogenics, psychosis and magick (in a spiritual sense) are all manifestations of the unconscious mind.

My OU BSc in computer science was a 2.2, bearing in mind at the Open University a 1st is above 85% and a 2.1 above 70 (why I do not know). I see philosophy as a desire to obtain wisdom, rather than intelligence. The why as opposed to the how.

Why would I like to do it? It's not for commercial gain. It's not to get a doctorate. I might be able to create something new. What are desires apart from a subconscious wish anyway which the rational mind thinks it understands?

Is all energy in the universe sentient? I know, let's ask a photon (seriously). If the universe was all knowing and a photon, as part of the universe was intelligent, then it would communicate with us in numbers then binary then letters of the alphabet link here.

I feel programming and philosophy have a lot in common. We create (in code), maintain (in revisions / running servers) and destroy (in bug finding / hacking). In philosophy we have ideas (create), maintain them over argument (maintain), and then realise all their flaws (destroy) a bit like the responsibilities of the Hindu deities.

One possible reason as to why we're so screwed up as a species is that it's our unconscious minds that decide everything and it's our conscious minds that think we're in control.

I'll stop there. If you want to contact me I'm at rob@rydal.org

Thank you,

Rob Brew.

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