The problem with humanity.

We decide things based on emotions, feelings.
These are not rational thoughts.
They’re often an unconscious manifestation of childhood, including traumatic and past experiences.
I met a guy at an event, he said when you choose your chicken in the shop it’s not a conscious decision, you may have ribs because the burger made you sick last time.
Often the unconscious mind keeps what and why it does from the conscious. It won’t tell you why you like the people in your life, the relationships it chooses for you, your sexuality or self esteem.
Yet feelings influence rational thoughts. It’s like a stack where unconscious manifestation then translate into action, like bad gut feelings then keeping a person away from a situation.
We’re not rational beings, we have an ego that knows nothing built on a foundations of feelings. No wonder we’re so screwed up. Why are we drawn to good / bad people, self destructive, crazy, abdicated to whichever drug, or sucesfful, kind to our friends etc. Does anyone know?