God complex

Bit worried about a cult.
They have a friend who may or may not exist that the claim to act in the name of.
They insist everyone read their book, claiming it's a good book, but then they would do, they wrote it.
They're paranoid about witches and dark magick, despite doing their own blood sacrifices.
They're misogynistic, because their friend claims what women should do with their bodies, and it's in the book inspired by their imaginary friend, which they wrote.
They also got done for child abuse, and tried to cover it up.
Despite being concerned about dark magick they claim to see demons when doing exorcisms.
They claim a version of the end of the world will come
Anyone with their supposed magical abilities who are not part of their organisation they demean as possessed or evil themselves.
They don't like it when other people have other imaginary friends who may or may not exist, branding them evil,even though there's no evidence that they are.
As a punishment for having sex outside of marriage they would take mother and baby and brutalise them in Ireland as a punishment for having sex or for the offspring merely existing, for which the Irish government apologised.
They also have a lot of money, despite claiming that rich people won't be able to enter paradise with them.

Of course, I'm talking about the catholic church.

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