The dark side….

Does it exist?
Speaking to one of the hippies at uni… “leave it up to karma”.
What if there is no karma. We’re told to be nice to get into heaven. Born under catholic doctrine I believed I should do this. Whilst the demons, many of them catholic ran amok.
What about being decent instead. How about harm ye none, take no shit.
To me it’s When you use yin and yang. It’s at what point and why you treat someone with kindness or cruelty. I’t standing up for yourself and your friends. It’s being sly when someone tries to steal your stuff or your ideas.Fuck being nice to people who have crossed you. Fuck being the person who looks after dickheads. The universe owes you shit. Don;’t get burnt by sociopaths who wonder why they’re alone. Don’t do nothing to emotionally or physically abusive people.
Turn the other cheek? Get another punch.
There’s no decency in being a doormat. There’s no kindness from bad people. Leave them, they’ll only grind you down.
Is there good and evil. Everything exist in context. Black magick? Fine if you’re being a known rapist. Forgiveness for being nice when people treat you like shit? Why create rules to pascify the world and tell them off for being human.
There is no perfect. “God” of the christian way claims to be in, even though the planet is in a mess and under “his” guidance we’re a disgrace. But then he gave us free will… to do what he wants us to and be punished for it be exercising it, by choosing abortions, same sex relationships, magic, drugs or any form of disobedience.
Why create a world, if not universe, so fun of suffering, give us free will, then tell us off for exerscing it. It’s like a passive aggressive school tutor, if you can’t have your tea you can’t have your pudding.
Heaven and hell, the ultimate carrot and stick. BE good or burn. but then who us there to judge. We’re all imperfect, motivated by emotonal responses and not desire, it’s what you intend to do, the rest is hard wiring through childhood.
Finally. If you’re worried about heaven / hell / or some slightly less fucked up planet.

IF you can be in a room, the other person everyone you’ve met in this life, without those who have crossed you, would you last 6 hours without killing them based on what you intended to do. Factor in shop keepers, coffee baristas, supermarket attendants as well as your friends. If you’ve been in the company of everyone you’ve met and you’re both ok with each other you’ve won the game as far as I’m concerned.
Roblet xx.