Is Energy consciousness

In his book the subtle knife by Phillip Pullman, a team at Oxford university build a computer to talk to the ether. I thought I'd try doing this, via access to a quantum computer available over the internet at IBM, using a program written in a language called Python. It assumes... How does it work?
Quantum particles work as both matter and waves. They spin in different directions, basically doing their own "dance", if observed and not programmed.
IBM have a computer which observe these movements.
The premise is that if this quantum particle knew we were observing it, would it be able to communicate with us in it's "dance".

The quantum particle generates a number, we translate this number into binary, 1's and 0's. From this we assemble a character in ASCII
Each ASCII character maps to a letter, number or symbol. The program represents this as shown on the video.
If energy was consciousness it would therefore communicate with us in our Language, like saying "hi" or similar.
Results in video.