I'll start with a joke, a Muslim, Pagan, Buddhist and Hindu walk into a bar...
They speak to each other because they are reasonable people.

Following is my take on the Catholic faith, as is have experienced it...


That said, it might be your cup of tea. If it works for you then roll with it. For me these are the damaging aspects to it.
1) Forgiveness at the age of 7 (WTF).

You have to make things up, like stealing sweets. I've met a few people who are lovely but at some level think their bad
people, and bring negativity into their lives. Catholic guilt eh?

Turn the other cheek.

I did this, because i thought i had to be good to everyone. Whilst everyone else ran amock. (See bullied).
If someone is trying to take your job, your girlfriend or give you a good kicking, be bad to them. Self preservation.
Someone i knew was "leave things to karma", and from here i realised the scale of "the dark side".
The dark side uses violence to protect yourself and others, shouts down people who are trying to wrong you, and puts those after your job, friends etc on the back foot.
There is nothing wrong with doing this (compared to being a doormat).

Good vs Evil, we are sold. Every actions exists within a context, i'm not buddhist but the concept of yin and yang, and how to use these forces at the right time to be decent, comes to mind here.

Churches are peaceful (overly serious) places. People come back to that feeling of peace, with the dogma attached. It's hard to separate from that.

My leaving of the faith happened in stages. First in school when i realised the Muslims anf Hindus weren't praying then at the age of 22 i looked at my ornaments, and seperated further.

I haven't believed in this since, and haven't connected to any aspect of it for 8 years.