I never really had any friends as a kid, even in primary school. I had kids following me home at the age of 10 and a ""we hate rob"" website before the internet really became a thing. I guess this is a message to my younger self. It's particularly hard when this starts at the age of 6, maybe 7. There's no diversity then and everyone is kind of the same. I found my real friends at the age of 16, through a classmate. They'd always been there but i never joined.

My advice to my younger self would be this, don't try to fit in. You will have friends who are there when they want you, and gone when they have other interests.

I've heard stories such as "my best friend spiked me with ketamine"

Personally, i had friends who ran away from me, got me beaten up, would like me one minute and ridicule me the next.

Play warhammer, sit in the lab coding some great idea, join the hippies, freaks and misfits. This, i both regret yet want to say to you at time, is home.

The good news, the bullies end up narcissistic and rarely have any true friends. The bad news, this stuff seems to carry on forever.

Don't be afraid to be bad to people. The concept of good versus evil is, in my mind, flawed. The dark side uses violence to protect yourself,
shouts down someone who is being arrogant, and puts someone trying to take your job, friend, whatever it may be, on the back foot.

Nurture this, be violent to protect yourself, at all costs. You'll find a way of seeing through this, and, in the end succeed.
You might have more fun than the average person.

Don't take it personally, it's not you, with, in my case a pink bike which was purple, non matching sideburns, a pinstripe jacket with matching non pinstripe trousers.
It's just an excuse to put you down, it's not you at fault, it's them, getting off on it. See it for what it is, an excuse to make you feel bad.

Be beautiful people, in beautiful clothes. Get money, success, a big house , a family, status.
You're partner is your rock, watch films, be content...

We're born into these mantles, and it's hard to escape.

Be yourself. Get a McJob, see your boyfriend wearing combats. Be the breadwinner yet female, don't have kids.
Be gay if you want to. Find your own way, go on protests, dye your hair.

Rebelling against what we should be will always be frowned upon, for some reason you don't conform, and why would you want to?