difficult bible questions.

If God is an eternal being who controls everything how do we have free will?
If only christians get into heaven is this favouritism?
Whilst the church claims to act on the will of god so the crazy people
whilst both are acting on their beliefs who has the right to hold moral authority?
If the crucifix of Notre Dame cathedral was saved as a miracle why was the church not saved as well?
If everyone waits in purgatory on the premise before entering heaven on the basis of forgiveness where is the justice in that?
Is Mass genocide always wrong? The spanish inquisition, the burning of the witches etc?
If god really is in control why does the devil get blamed for everything that goes wrong?
If jesus chased the money lenders out of the temple is it not ironic the church has it's billions in assets?
Is it a not an insult to choir boys abused by the church to claim that god is in control?
Are witches really evil? is so what have done in the physical world which is so bad?
yes the druids used to sacrifice people and the roman empire, which spread catholicism used to rape it's slaves before battle,
hang on, see previous point.
6000 years ago, Moses received 10 commandments by god, 6000 years later what else has he written, apart from ghost writers?